• Quality

    In today’s extremely competitive market, quality is often overlooked.
    At Fowlstone Electric our vision of providing quality electrical service at competitive pricing has always been clear.
    From our relationships with our clients, to our high-quality work and utmost respect for your home and property, our team of experienced residential electricians has the expertise to help make your visions reality.

  • Scope

    Fowlstone Electric handles a wide range of residential electrical installations in households throughout the Lower Mainland, Bowen Island and Whistler.
    Our team of qualified electricians provides a comprehensive range of services that extend to all types of domestic electrical work.
    From multimillion dollar custom homes with programmable lighting systems to electrical code inspections, annual maintenance or trouble shooting, there is no job too small.

The dangers involved with aluminum wiring when it’s not installed up to CEC standards!

Aluminum wiring done wrong on receptacle

-North Vancouver Residence

Even if it is only low voltage wiring, heat can build up at the connections causing a fire hazard.

Low Voltage Aluminum wiring

Home Electrical System Safety