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Do I Need to Hire An Electrician?

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Most tenants and homeowners, at one point or another, will be faced with an electrical issue and wonder whether they should hire an electrician, or try to perform the work themselves. Fowlstone Electric, an electrical contractor with a full-service team of electricians in Vancouver, BC since 1979, knows that after over 40 years of helping tenants and homeowners in Vancouver with their electrical, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Time and time again we have seen well-intentioned do-it-yourselfers, looking to save a few dollars by performing seemingly small electrical repairs themself, wind up dealing with difficult consequences.

So why should you consider hiring a professional electrician?

The most important reason tenants and homeowners should consider hiring an electrician instead of performing electrical repairs themselves is because electrical repair can be very dangerous when performed incorrectly, or even deadly. Hiring a professional electrician like Fowlstone Electric is the safest choice for you, your family, or your tenants. Firstly, electricians are trained professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to safely complete electrical repairs and ensure the job is done right. Electrical work done incorrectly is not only dangerous at the time of repairs, but may present an ongoing fire or electrical hazard well into the future. Secondly, professional electricians also have the experience to identify and troubleshoot potential problems that may not be obvious to a homeowner at the time of repairs, which could save the homeowner more money in the future if the repairs are done incorrectly the first time.

Another important reason to hire a professional electrician, whether in Vancouver or elsewhere, is because electrical work often requires the need for permits and inspections to ensure the repairs meet local building codes and regulations. Electricians know to obtain all of the necessary permits required (or not) for your project, and schedule inspections as needed.

Obtaining all of the proper permits and inspections not only ensures the job gets done correctly and up to local standards, but as we have seen from the fallout of numerous do-it-yourself electrical projects gone wrong over the years, there can be very serious real-world ramifications. For example, home insurance policies routinely stipulate that electrical work needs to be completed by a professional to remain valid. Any accidental damage resulting from do-it-yourself electrical repairs may void the insurance coverage and leave the homeowner on the hook for the cost of repairs.

Final Words

In 2023, we know everyone needs to save money where they can, however, not hiring a professional electrician for your electrical repairs is not a safe answer. There are too many potential pitfalls that may effect your safety & your chequebook, not to mention the safety of others. If you have any questions regarding the need (or not) for a professional electrician for your electrical project in Vancouver, the experienced team of red seal electricians at Fowlstone Electric are happy to provide the answers you need. Since 1979, we have been safely wiring the homes in our community, and would be happy to assist you as well.

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